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Social media update for businesses

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Has your business been on Facebook forever? Or are you just taking the plunge into social media? Whatever your specific situation, it’s important to update your social media strategy at least every year to ensure you are keeping up with the latest trends and emerging networks. To help you make the most of social media in 2019, we have compiled the latest advice from the social media sphere.

Consider the audience you are targeting and what your goal is when you reach them.
Are you B2C, B2B or both? If you know the answer, it’s relatively easy to pare down to the two or three platforms you’ll need to use in your social media strategy.

Don’t overdo your social presence.
You may want to try every new social platform that comes along, but sticking with two or three is really all you need. If you are on too many channels, you risk not managing any of them well. Choose the social platforms that are most aligned with your audience. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are still strong for B2C—while LinkedIn is the fan favorite for B2B.

Consider your goal on each platform.
It’s becoming more common to transact e-commerce on social sites. However, consumers don’t always go directly to social media for purchasing items. A general rule is that social media marks the beginning of the buyer’s journey. So, the best approach is to use social to create awareness by providing general business or product information and other content-driven ways to engage with you.

At the core, it’s all about identifying who you want to reach and setting goals—from there you can start to build a solid social media strategy.

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